A new, innovative, learning journey towards real human connection.

We partner with HR and DEI teams to provide life changing learning experiences that promote equity, workplace wellness, and human connection.

Traditional methods aren't enough to create an environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

We've spent decades invested in...

  • Cultural competency training
  • Inclusive leadership development
  • Workplace policies
  • Diversity recruitment strategies
  • Unconscious bias workshops

Yet We're Still Not Where We Want To Be

Division and Conflict

Employees leave these learning programs feeling angry, singled out, or misunderstood instead of connected, inspired, and empowered.

Low Employee Retention

We continue to fall short of our employee retention and turnover goals.

Inequitable Representation

We continue to have gaps in pay, advancement, and representation in leadership positions.

Lower Performance

Employees feel a lack of connection to each other and their work, which impacts their performance and job satisfaction.

We're Taking A New Approach

We've discovered the keys to creating a truly harmonious workplace.

Unite instead of Divide

When we can fully see the humanity in each other we can create authentic, healthy, and powerful connections with each other.

Solution instead of Problem

We focus on creating solutions for our problems instead of just talking about them.

Internal instead of External

We know that we must first heal our relationships with ourselves before we can heal our relationships with others.

Create instead of Limit

By tapping into the full creative genius we all have, we can solve any problem.

We help everyone feel a greater sense of significance.

Seen, Heard, and Valued

You are respected, your work is recognized, and you are more than just a cog in the machine.

Improved Performance

Your input is respected and responded to.

Higher Engagement

When you know you have an influence and aren’t just a cog in the machine.

Reduced Turnover

Your contributions and hard work are recognized and rewarded.

Increased Retention

Your input is respected and responded to.

Greater Innovation

When you know you have an influence and aren’t just a cog in the machine.

The Principles of Human Connection

All of our technology is geared towards removing the socialized barriers that
keep us from seeing ourselves in each other.

How Does This Work?

Read on below to learn more about how to bring the AllTruth process to your organization. Or click the button below to sign up for a 30 minute demo over Zoom and we'll walk you through the entire process.

Self Guided Learning Platform

Our platform delivers our lessons in an intuitive & easy to use system. Our content is divided into several lessons that users can easily navigate between, start, pause, and complete on their own time.
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15-30 Minute, Highly Engaging Lessons

We know you're busy. Our lessons are designed to take 30 minutes or less to keep users engaged, maximize their retention of the material, and keep them productive during their work day.

Pick the Right Learning Path for Your Team

We offer an library of courses covering a range of topics. We help you design the best learning path for your team based on your needs and interests.
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Live Q&A With Our Expert Facilitators

This work isn't always easy. We offer semi-monthly virtual Q&As with our expert facilitators to answer any questions that come up from our material and to help our users process this learning.

In Person or Virtual Workshops

Don't think e-Learning is right for you? Through our partnership with the Soul Focused Group, we also offer in-person or virtual workshops with our same group of expert facilitators.
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Who Is This For?

Just Starting Your DEI Journey

Start your DEI journey on the right foot by creating alignment, common ground, and a sense of connection with all of your employees.

Looking for Something New

Our approach is sure to bring longer lasting and more transformational change when compared to the typical approach to this work.

Leveling Up Your Commitment to a Healthy Workplace

Show that you and your organization are seriously committed to creating an healthy, and equitable work environment with authentic human connections.

Onboarding Training

Bring new employees up-to-speed quickly with your culture and establish a common ground of human connection with your organization.

Conflict Resolution

Resolve conflicts by giving your employees the tools to communicate effectively, authentically, and from a place of shared humanity.

Compliance Training

Meet your compliance training requirements while still leaving a lasting and meaningful impact on your team.

Frequently asked questions

What is our content like?

Our approach is intended to help align our understanding of ourselves, each other and issues relating to DEI. Our facilitators have trained tens of thousands of people over three decades, modified their approach to focus on solutions, and as a result bring their unique perspective on how to face difficult situations with clarity and ease.

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson can be completed in 15-30 minutes.

We haven’t done much DEI training yet, will this match up with what my organization needs?

Yes. Whether you’re just getting started in your journey, or have done extensive work already, we meet you where you are and can customize the training solution to fit your current conditions and desires.

This is a sensitive issue. How will I know this won’t cause more problems then it solves?

We have deep awareness of both the benefits of training as well as the tenuousness of it. Our process is specifically designed to put relationships first by connecting with each other.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is tiered based on the number of seats and your specific learning path. Because we believe organizations of all sizes and revenue should have access to effective training like ours, our platform is priced to be affordable. Contact us below to learn more.

Our workforce has variable schedules, with some in the office and some in the field. Will it work for everyone?

Yes. Our system allows the flexibility to complete lessons and get support as needed. Users can pick up where they left off, and admin can observe progress if desired.

Many of our staff do not see how this kind of training will help them or the company. Does your training make that connection for them?

Yes. Everything we do is geared to move people toward a more connected, empowered workplace. We know increased self-awareness, wellness, and improved relationships lead to more productivity and belonging.